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Positive Affirmations Inspirational Flashcards & Posters Set

Positive Affirmations Inspirational Flashcards & Posters Set

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Words matter! What we say to our children matters and we have designed this set of posters and flash cards with positive affirmations, to remind children of their worth and uniqueness.

The Alphabet Affirmations are designed to accompany children on their learning journey as they discover the alphabet. Each letter of the alphabet is paired with a positive affirmation, reinforcing the message of love, acceptance, and support that children need to thrive.

In today's world, children are faced with a range of challenges, including cyberbullying and pressure to conform. The posters provide a safe haven for children to remind them of their value, worth, and uniqueness. By surrounding them with positive messages of love and acceptance, parents can help build their children's self-confidence and character.

These posters are an expression of unconditional love and the things that parents and caregivers sometimes feel but may not express often enough. They are designed to create an environment that is accepting, supportive, and loving, where children can grow and flourish into their best selves.
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